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    Saturday, January 05, 2013

    What's the Matter?

    MSNBC is part of the problem in America. It is one long deceitful ad after another for the Obama administration. The New York Times is almost as bad as MSNBC. But the entire corporate media system works to keep public understanding low. Anyone
    who gets news from it cannot possibly fathom the issues. If they understood the issues, why would they watch and read corporate/state propaganda?
    MSNBC has been marketed so cleverly. Its defenders constantly praise Rachel Maddow (She's so smaaaat!) And because they think she's brilliant, they're willing to fall in line with her ridiculous interpretation of policy and events.

    There is also the lesser of 2 evils dynamic. The republicans are presented in such a way as to terrify and repulse the public. Not that they aren't terrifying and repulsive. They are. But so are democrats. Yet that democrats push the same terrifying, repulsive agenda is carefully  obfuscated by media. We are more than a decade past Clinton's banking deregulation. That deregulation destroyed what was left of an already compromised economy. Yet the media position Clinton as a great economic manager. So much so the democrats coud trot him out during their 2012 convention. If the public understood the roll he played int eh economy, he'd be tarred, feathered and ridden out on a rail. People gobble up the propaganda because they don't have knowledge about what he did or  understanding of how economies function.
    A similar thing is at work with Obama. He was shoe horned into office because the republicans are so scary, and maddow is so smaaaaat, and there is essentially no coverage of his policies, certainly no meaningful critique. The only critique comes from right wing media and that is garbage. People who partake of that are dumb enough to think Obama is a socialist.