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    Monday, November 09, 2009

    On the anniversary of the crashing of the berlin wall, why we must endure bogus claims about Reagan

    Reagan's record speaks for itself.  He was a disaster for the country. His administration trashed carter's energy conservation polices in favor of building up the dictatorship in Saudi Arabia, ripped the solar panels from the white house, pulled the funding for alternative energy research and development, shoveled money into the pentagon instead. Without Reagen we may have solved our energy problem decades ago.
    As part of his moronic deregulatory agenda he gutted the FTC allowing, among other travesties, defense contractors to buy media conglomerates. Clear conflict of interest. And bent the rules to allow that pig Murdoch to become a media mogul in the US.
    His administration not only created the environment for vast media consolidation, but consolidation of all kinds, the utter suppression of healthy competition, the destruction of main street, the wiping out of small towns, family farms, common sense.
    He appointed narcissistic shit stain Antonin Scalia to the court, empowered Bush family ambitions, staged dirty wars in central America resulting in untold deaths, cut deals with the Iranian militants to hold American hostages - a treasonous act - ignored AIDS until MILLIONS were infected, deregulated industry after industry, began the revolving door between government and industry with the ultimate consequence that our food, water and air are not safe anymore.
    Because of Reagan our unions are broken, allowing far too much power to corporate interests. Who have taken a wrecking ball to the American middle class and to anything that remotely resembles democracy. On and on. I don't have all day though it could easily take all day to list Reagan's list of crimes against freedom, democracy, life, America.
    There was not widespread homelessness in the US prior to Reagan. The dollar had value prior to Reagan. There was a healthy middle class prior to Reagan, and plenty of upward mobility. America was not teetering on the brink prior to the right wing onslaught of idiocy.

    Reagan most certainly DID NOT win the cold war - which was a joke anyway - the soviet union broke itself in Afghanistan. Its called bankruptcy. And we are there now thanks to Reagan's right wing heirs in both parties.
      He was a very bad turning point. Just look at the record. Though he was apparently personally likable, though I did not imbibe,  and probably never made a single decision on his own he began the earnest destruction of the US in favor of making a small group of people fabulously wealthy. He was even surrounded by some of the same scum who ran DUBYA. Neither man should ever have been president.
    People praising Reagan are simply uninformed and probably watch that propaganda outlet FOXS news.
    And yes, Clinton was also a right wing piece of shit who did huge damage to the country and to the democratic party by causing those running it to agree to shift right in the hopes of getting elected.

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