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    I'm furious about my squandered nation.

    Wednesday, January 31, 2007

    Bush Administration Connected Lockheed Corporation Cleans up on Every Aspect of right wing privatization programs

    Good Read: 1491: New Revelations of the Americas Before Columbus

    1491: New Revelations of the Americas Before Columbus

    Merck pushing Law to Force the Use of their Products

    Despite Union Percentage Decline, Union Workers Make More Money

    Matthew Cooper Testifies Kkkarl Rove Told Him About Plame

    Germany has ordered the arrest of 13 suspected CIA agents over the alleged kidnapping of one of its citizens.

    Bush, the great democracy exporter, says Every Federal Agency Musty have all Regulatory Policy Approved by White House Political Appointee

    Monday, January 29, 2007

    Markets are GREAT for Amerikkka's favorite export. War.

    The Israeli air force has decided to buy smart munitions kits from the Chicago-based Boeing aerospace company for an estimated $100 million, Israeli defense officials said Monday.

    How long can it be before Bush orders war on Europe?


    AMSTERDAM, Netherlands: European oil companies Royal Dutch Shell PLC and Repsol YPF SA have signed a preliminary agreement with Iran's state oil company on developing gas fields in the Persian Gulf, a Shell spokeswoman said Monday.


    The United States and its allies have been pressuring banks and oil companies to pull out of oil and gas projects in Iran, due to Tehran's pursuit of nuclear technology for what it says are nonmilitary purposes. Some analysts believe oil companies may ultimately have to choose between doing business with the U.S. or Iran.


    Monday, January 08, 2007

    Western companies may get 75% of Iraqi oil profits

    Sunday, January 07, 2007

    Israeli Blood Lust: Israel Plans to Use Nuclear weapons on Iran

    Friday, January 05, 2007

    Illinois Congressman Rahm Emanuel, Dimocrap Sleaze Bag and Terminal Satryiasis Sufferer


    Thursday, January 04, 2007

    So someone Please Tell me WHATEVER is Scalia hopped up on?

    Placidyl addiction explains a lot about Rehnquist's judicial opinioons

    Also in 1986, the FBI conducted an intensive investigation into Rehnquist’s dependence on Placidyl, a strong painkiller that he had taken since the early 1970s for insomnia and back pain. Rehnquist’s bout with drug dependence had been made public in 1981, when he was hospitalized for his back pain and suffered withdrawal symptoms when he stopped taking the drug.

    The FBI’s 1986 report on Rehnquist’s drug dependence was not released at the time of his confirmation, though some Democratic senators wanted it made public. But it is in Rehnquist’s now-public file, and it contains new details about his behavior during his weeklong hospital stay in December 1981. One physician whose name is blocked out told the FBI that Rehnquist expressed “bizarre ideas and outrageous thoughts. He imagined, for example, that there was a CIA plot against him.”

    Wednesday, January 03, 2007

    The Decline and Furious Fall of New Rome on the Potomac

    Since Saddam Hussein wouldn't submit to American corporate plans and heap all Iraqi oil wealth onto our fair haired CEOs, the invasion of Iraq was undertaken as a means of getting control of the multi-trillion dollar, oil rich Iraqi economy.

    We must have some way to expand our economy, so our privileged class has concluded, and we're stretched thin what with 25 relentless years of kill the poor, radical right policy aimed at transferring all wealth to the richest few by turning the disadvantaged upside down and shaking them until even the lint falls from their pockets.

    Iraq colonization seemed a safe bet, I'm certain, to block headed, profit obsessed, power crazed multimillionaires who run the Bush administration, many of whom are former CEOs who never think of sustainability or creative alternatives, but only of economic expansion, expansion in a world that has already expanded well past safe environmental and social limits.

    The invasion had, the neocons thought, the added benefit of giving American multinationals strategic control of oil in the Gulf region (lock out world competitors and control pricing) and the lessening of dependence, somewhat, on our creepy arrangement with creepy totalitarian - Wahhabist loon Saudis.

    No one in the Bush administration ever cared about the murdered Kurds or the oppressed Iraqis, as evidenced firmly in the friendly, lengthy relationship republicans maintained with Saddam after the CIA helped him into power.
    Nor did anyone in the Bush administration ever care about democracy as is evidenced in all their policies at home and everywhere else on the planet, from fixed elections to the death of habeas corpus to mass kidnappings and secret prison camps and torture.

    And certainly no rational, informed person thought Saddam could do military damage anywhere, WMD or otherwise, in 2002, or that Iraq was involved in the 9/11 attacks or any of the other horseshit propaganda BushCo floated through the sewer called American corporate media prior to the invasion.

    Invading and occupying Iraq was, purely and simply, motivated by corporate colonialism.
    It's what drives all American policy abroad and at home.

    The American infrastructurehas been under attack for some time, as part of the Calvinist Cowboy Hee Haw Giddy Up that came in under "Catsup is a vegetable" Reagan, though I've no doubt BushCo has intensified it.
    There operational theory is all productivity must go to enriching economic elites, not to infrastructure or education or silly ass social services for the poor.
    God taught us this . The poor are the damned. The rich are (in God's grace and) blessed. The blessed will "trickle down" upon the rest.

    The destroyed Iraqi infrastructure perfectly suits the Bush plan for privatization of the Iraq (and American) economy, spoon feeding Iraqi oil wealth into the drooling maws of greedy, American controlled multinationals who will now ostensibly provide services and rebuild that infrastructure - except "free markets" don't work to deliver services to people because free markets do not exist to deliver anything to people, but to maximize profit for "investors."

    Free markets, such as we practice them, are completely undemocratic and utterly oblivious to the common good or the public need, of course.

    (But because the American public has been successfully mislead into believing their mutual funds and relatively puny stock market accounts make them investors, they've swallowed the free market privatization gigantic lie and the enormous amounts of debt that go with it, whole hog, until they're choking on it, and never ever even connected the damage the current incarnation of the stock market has done to the employment base of the country, among other disastrous consequences.

    Outsourcing, Offshoring, Downsizing, Curtailing health insurance and pensions, Eviscerating Unions, Excising regulation.
    Who beneifts?

    Companies must be so "profitable" (for whom?) they cannot afford to pay good salaries or allow job security. That's part of why the median income and quality of life have gone down down down since the right wing began running the economy)

    The department of homeland security is but another expression of 2 party neoliberal desire to privatize everything and lose as much accountability as possible while placing tax payer money in private corporate hands, keep the fear high and the public compliant, though they are already intellectually softened up by TV.

    The middle class foots the bill for all these corporate adventures, be they diminished options, military junkets or domestic abuses such "security" cameras recording activity on our streets, as the ownership society Bush works for (and is one of by the very sweat of his own brow; yeah right) profits like crazy.

    DHS hands out multimillion dollar contracts to various golden children of the defense industry - connected insiders like those at Lockheed Martin while Bush pursues policies that make terrorist attacks likely and the nation less secure in every conceivable way.

    It is not about security at all. Right wing ignorance and greed, includin Bill Clinton's, has demolished America already.

    The security they claim to want can be achieved only through serious policy alterations while DHS exists only to write contracts for spy software and guns and border fences and security cameras, to be purchased from administration friendly companies.

    None of that equipment is intended to stop terrorism. It can't.

    Even a 10 year old can grasp that you can't defeat terrorism militarily or by eviscerating the civil rights and liberties of a nation, and if Bush wanted to defeat it he certainly would not be inciting it on a daily basis with his policies..

    I suspect another terrorist attack would serve the fascist bastards in the Bush administration and the business community very well. I see no reason for them to try to stop one and no indication whatsoever that they have pursued any policy at any level geared toward stopping further terrorist attacks.
    Quite the contrary.
    The threat makes them money and has allowed them much political power.

    The "American Experiment" began its real decline when Ronald Reagan was installed in office in 1980, though I could see arguing that it began before that.

    However, the drop off in quality of life for imperial citizens accelerated in 80 when the Reagan administration began to push through its pro-corporatist polices and its propaganda war decrying regulation and public ownership and accountability, etc., and wave after wave of mergers and acquisition began - all at the expense of the public good.

    Had the country observed what Jimmy Carer set out and begin dealing with the energy issues, we'd be in a very different place right now geopolitically. Had we practiced conservation, lent federal management to it, developed alternative energy strategies and technologies...but no. We bought Suburbans instead, and raised the speed limit and built lots of crummy energy inefficient structures to pad assorted engineered real estate "booms."

    As it is, and to invoke a little biblical imagery, the Bush family footed and Baker Botts winged Saudi headed oil monster with bad Israeli breath working always to keep the middle east from achieving anything like the EU, has destroyed whatever hope America had of surviving a transition away from an oil producing nation to that of an oil importing nation as an intact democracy with a thriving economy.

    Bush has destroyed whatever strategic arrangement we had in the middle east - whatever you think of that arrangement and I never thought much of it - and seems prepared to try to fix his mess by inciting a regional Sunni Shia civil war - and also appears hell bent on destroying our relationship with other oil producing countries in Africa and Latin America - especially Latin American if you take the anti Chavez rhetoric seriously.

    I'm not sure what might slow the decline, though I'm not opposed to no longer living in an empire if it means we can stop using our productivity to fund the absurd military. I suspect, of necessity, the system will collapse and things might drift back to regionally controlled production and distribution. The global trade system is simply not sustainable and serves no one but the very very very rich. It cannot go on. It cannot be enforced at gun point either. The Corporate pigs cannot continue to maximize profit. We're tapped out with our 6.5 billion people, or however many, on the planet. But it's going to get very rough in America.

    Those crying over the loss of limitless opportunity that was America are reading a different history than the one I know.

    There were boundaries and limits on opportunity. But the wealthy white straight elite males who founded the United states and have run it totally through most of its life did not observe such boundaries and expanded and created opportunity and wealth on a tidal wave of blood, including genocide against indigenous populations, slavery, the Mexican war, assorted Pacific and Caribbean adventures and other imperial military excursions here and there and everywhere. We better hope the world is kinder to us than we've been to it.

    The golden period in America is that brief moment in which Franklin Roosevelt was able to implement a few meager socialist reforms. It opened things up for a real middle class with real middle class expectations that was able to accomplish quite a lot, though it certainly didn't last long.

    From the time we started tampering in Iraq and Iran and Guatemala, etc., in the fifties, I'd say the high point was over and perhaps we were in decline then, but just not yet forced to look at it.
    Saddam Hussein's American engineered execution is opening which allows the interested to see the future and the last bit of evidence I need to grasp that Bush is doing everything he can to incite regional war in the middle east, no doubt with the same attention to detail and fine planning that he used to stage the Iraq invasion in the first place.

    Striving for more instability in the middel east, Syria in Bush's Cross Hairs

    Daley Flunks Again. What's New?

    On Sept. 11, 2001, New York fire battalion chief Dennis Devlin issued an urgent plea: His men were in ''a state of confusion'' and needed more working radios immediately. Yet, more than five years since Devlin and 342 other members of the city's fire department perished at the World Trade Center, the government says only six U.S. cities have fully answered the late fire chief's call by adopting advanced emergency communications systems.


    The lowest scores go to Chicago; Cleveland; Baton Rouge, La.; Mandan, N.D.; and American Samoa. The report includes large and small cities and their suburbs, along with U.S. territories.


    It's hard to pay attention to communications and emergency plans when you're busy installing spy cameras on all your street corners and "beautifying" your gentrified neighborhoods while filling your pockets with real estate lobby money.

    The Jean Dixon of the radical right Christianists hopes for blood shed

    Pat Robertson

    Tuesday, January 02, 2007

    By All Means, Return to corporate Law. Just leave after the republicans are out

    Or We Could just Stop feeding them to Each other

    Young bulls were genetically engineered to be prion-free.

    I call on Democrats to Impeach and Try the War Criminals Bush and Cheney

    Big Bone Hook Found