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    Sunday, May 11, 2008

    Taser jolt can cause fatal heart rhythm, probe told


    Ken Stethem, founder and chairman of Ageis Industries, told the public inquiry into Taser use that Taser International's methodology was flawed in designing, developing and deploying the conducted energy weapons (CEWs).

    Normally a company would develop medical and safety data, then test the product on animals and humans, Stethem told the inquiry.

    "In my humble opinion that's not how the current CEWs were developed and deployed. And that's why we're having problems today.

    Stethem disputed several claims made by Taser on medical evidence and safety connected to the device.

    He pointed to Taser's patent information that says the device puts out between 100 and 500 milliamps of electricity.

    Medical experts say it only takes about 100 milliamps to cause the heart to go into a fatal rhythm, Strethem told the inquiry.

    He said medical studies say low voltage electrocutions can happen without any visible evidence of injury.

    "Now the burden of proof has been shifted to the public that these aren't safe, instead of law enforcement and manufacturers that they are," Strethem told the inquiry.




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