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    Sunday, May 11, 2008

    Autoworkers union: American Axle proposal includes closing 3 plants


    About 3,600 UAW members went on strike Feb. 26 at five plants in Michigan and New York in a dispute over wage and benefit cuts the company is seeking. The two sides failed to reach a new contract agreement.

    Unions members previously had said the company wanted to negotiate the closure of American Axle's Detroit and Tonawanda, New York, forge operations. Gettelfinger confirmed Saturday that those closings had been agreed upon.

    Many of its U.S. competitors won deals from the United Auto Workers to pay newly hired workers about $14 (€9) per hour. But American Axle workers say they won't take that big of a pay cut from a company that made $37 million (€24 million) last year.



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