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    Sunday, May 25, 2008

    More Poison and/or problematic Industrial Food


    A meat-free burger returned Friday to the Vancouver company’s chain of 39 regional restaurants, albeit in an altered form. The Oregon Harvest Burger is made by Chez Gourmet from Marie, a company owned by Lake Oswego, Ore., resident Marie Osmunson.

    The sudden veggie patty shift occurred after Burgerville employees noticed a package of Gardenburgers opened May 16 didn’t look right. Ursula Herrick, a spokeswoman for Burgerville’s parent company Holland Inc., said the Gardenburgers posed no health risk, but manufacturer Kellogg Co. asked that any remaining products be returned.

    That left a void Osmunson gladly filled.

    “If I have to help them out for a short time, that’s awesome, and if I become more than that, that’s awesome,” she said.

    Kellogg spokeswoman Susanne Norwitz wrote in an e-mail that there were no food safety concerns with the Gardenburger, yet asked that any patties made between March 4 and May 6 be returned. Norwitz didn’t say exactly why Kellogg wants the Gardenburgers back, but said it was related to construction at a Utah factory. She said Kellogg hopes to resume production soon.




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