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    Tuesday, September 02, 2008

    Right Wing Extremist Pin Up Girl Sarah Palin

    Sarah Palin is red meat for carnivorous misogynist evangelicals....5 kids and a teen pregnancy in her very own christian right household. An after 40 pregnancy which she no doubt knew would result in a kid with downs, because they test for it when women get around 40, but this gun slingin' life lover saw it through. And will oversee the teen pregnancy too. The authoritarian forces in control of the republican party will use that to illuminate her committed anti abortion position. The stamina! The Character! The Love for LIFE!

    If they can get the Evangelical vote they can win the election. Or fix it more easily. There are people in America who care about nothing but abortion and they run to the polls over it. The call abortion murder. They call it a holocaust. They are extremely well organized and well funded. Their funding often comes from corporations. They believe BIRTH CONTROL is murder. They don't give a fuck what happens to anyone after they're born, but they don't want pregnancy terminated or even prevented..

    They believe poverty and despair in other countries are god's way of controlling heathen populations which is how they justify events like the Iraq invasion. They believe the constitution should be replaced with biblical law.

    And now, with a "woman" on the ticket, the cretinous right can feel like they too are making history with their vote. It's just history, not change. Republican women aren't threatening to the status quo when they are such subservient boot licking bitches. (Like Sandra Day O'Connor who is now being painted as some kind of feminist when she was most certainly not. )http://crucialtaunt.com/politics/images/SarahPalin380tall.jpg



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