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    I'm furious about my squandered nation.

    Wednesday, August 06, 2008

    Letter to Congress

    George Bush and his gang of felons should be held accountable for numerous impeachable offenses, crimes against the world and crimes against the American public. Instead each administration felon, including Chimpy himself, goes about conducting business as usual.

    Why is Karl Rove free? He's defied a subpoena. I'd be in jail if I did that.

    How is it abuses of military recruiters continue unchecked by congress? It is an outrage that recruiters are allowed into public high schools to begin with, but there should be criminal prosecution of those who lie, manipulate and coerce vulnerable children into the military.

    Why is Blackwater Mercenary still in operation? If we must have wars, even aggressive, preemptive, illegal, immoral ones like the Iraq occupation for oil debacle, we should have a DRAFT, not mercenaries.

    Why is there no Manhattan project for energy? The oil companies have fractured the economy, already weak from years of privatization, deregulation, Wall Street manipulation, "free Market" ideology, deliberately created bad debt, lowered education standards, outsourcing, book cooking, corporate crime, etc.

    If we can pull ourselves together to deliver a WMD or 2 to Japan, surely we can pull ourselves together to develop a new decentralized, environmentally friendly energy system. Instead we have oil company candidate John McCain being paid to promote off shore drilling, which won't solve our energy problems and will increase our environmental problems.

    Why is congress not pushing and shouting for single payer universal health coverage the public overwhelmingly wants?

    How is it that the telephone companies got away with trampling all over the civil rights of Americans?

    Where is the congressional investigation into Bruce Ivins' suicide? His "therapist" has no credibility. His suspicious death looks like part of a cover up, because it probably is a cover up. The war on terror is as phony as a 3 dollar bill and is little more than a way of organizing people into supporting policies that hurt them. The war is the against the American people, and the people of the world, by corporate interests and their government lackeys.

    How is there any question of whether or not the oil companies will be held accountable for their various criminal activities, including Chevron's disastrous environmental assault in Ecuador.

    I want our troops out of Iraq. I want the privatization of the military to stop. I want single payer universal health care. I want the might of the federal government behind the development of a new, green energy infrastructure.

    I want the FTC to break up the giant media conglomerates that are poisoning the minds of Americans with disinformation and spin and junk. It is inexcusable.

    I want REAL campaign finance reform with PUBLIC financing ONLY.

    I want religion out of politics. I am sick to death of hearing politicians talk about god. It is repulsive, inappropriate and utterly unamerican.

    And I want Bush and his gang of felons investigated and prosecuted when appropriate. One of the biggest mistakes ever made in this country was pardoning felon Richard Nixon. Don't let it happen again!

    I cannot think of a single thing going well in the USA. I'm finally as disgusted with the democrats as I am with the republicans. The fact that the congressional agenda involves itself with steroid use in pro sports and digital TV while the country is driven into the ground by lobbyists, speculation, deregulation, privatization, "free trade", outsourcing and a complete lack of accountability for the lies, war crimes and assaults on the constitution by the criminal Bush administration is an outrage.

    Congress is a criminal gang. I've entirely lost my faith in and loyalty to the democrat party. Living through the onslaught of right wing democrats like Bill Clinton, Obama and skanks like Harold Ford, and democrats who have enabled the criminal Bush administration by simply doing nothing, has made it abundantly clear that the democrats are the party of big business while the republicans are the party of big nazi.



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