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    Thursday, June 05, 2008

    Speaking of War Criminals. Blackwater Opens Shop in San Diego

    District Judge Marilyn Huff ruled that the company would suffer irreparable harm if it could not begin holding classes there for Navy sailors.

    Blackwater sued last month to force the city to issue final occupancy permits after the required inspections were already approved, claiming officials upended normal procedures because they feared a political backlash.

    The city responded that the company misled officials about the nature of the center, which includes a multilevel mock ship built out of cargo containers, to avoid triggering a full review by the city planning commission and a possible City Council vote.

    As has been aptly demonstrated by these right wing extremist scum, irreparable harm to the people of the United States, or to the very fabric of democracy if we can be said to have a remnant of that, does not stand in the way when dollars are to be made. I bet if I lied like that to San Diego Marilyn Huff would senence me to 3 to 5, no parole.

    Fuck Marilyn Huff.



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