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    Tuesday, June 24, 2008

    Rollback Doctrine Right Wing Tools for Destroying America and stamping out Democracy

    a few examples from excellent website Third World Traveler


    Iran, 1953

    The ClA's first rollback success was achieved in Iran in 1953. Nationalist Prime Minister Mohammed Mossadegh, elected by the parliament, had nationalized the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company. The British asked for assistance and the CIA sent Middle East expert Kermit Roosevelt with a team and plenty of dollars for the purposes of bribery. In a series of machinations, the CIA overthrew nationalist Mossadegh and brought the pro-U.S. Shah into power. A key factor had been the provision of weapons, supplies, and money to Iranian army officers, winning them to the Shah's side.

    Guatemala 1954

    In February 1953, the government of moderate rationalist Jacobo Arbenz expropriated almost 400,000 acres of unused United Fruit Company land as part of a moderate land reform program. Compensation was offered, which United Fruit rejected. United Fruit approached the CIA to take action. The CIA trained a small army, and arranged for the ClA-run airline Civil Air Transport to conduct bombing raids flown by Chinese nationalist pilots. The main thrust of the operation was psychological warfare, organized by E. Howard Hunt, later of Watergate fame. A ClA radio station was set up to create rumors making the government and population think that a major rebellion was taking place. As a result, the small ClA army and a few bombing raids created a panic leading Arbenz to flee. Since this rollback operation, Guatemala has suffered one after another military dictatorship or military-controlled government with a high level of political repression.

    Belgian Congo, 1960

    Patrice Lumumba was chosen prime minister of the Belgian Congo by the newly-elected parliament following independence from Belgium in June 1960. Lumumba was extremely popular, and left-leaning. ClA Director Allen Dulles authorized a fund of up to $100,000 to replace Lumumba's government with a pro-Western regime. With ClA help, Lumumba was successfully deposed, first by President Joseph Kasavubu, and later by Army strongman (cultivated by the ClA) Joseph Mobutu. The ClA, according to the 1975 U.S. Senate "Church Committee," concocted a plan to assassinate Lumumba with poison carried from the United States by ClA operative Sid Gottlieb. The poisoning plan aborted, but Lumumba was caught with the ClA's help and murdered. Former ClA operative John Stockwell has written that another ClA officer told him of driving around with Lumumba's body in the trunk of a car trying to dispose of it.




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