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    Tuesday, June 10, 2008

    Monsanto sees growing water shortage issues ahead

    And intends to exploit that horrible situation, ala Naomi Klein's Shock Doctrine tactics by forcing the world to eat Frankenfoods, or other genetically modified organisms made to resemble food, rather than pursue technology and support policy that is sustainable and compatible with life.

    All corporate charters should automatically be revoked and their assets sold after 7 years. Then we wouldn't have to deal with this kind of corporate, fly by night, attack.

    St Louis-based Monsanto has just announced it plans to double yield in its three core crops of corn, soybeans and cotton by 2030, compared to a base year of 2000.

    Monsanto and Dow Chemical's (DOW.N: Quote, Profile, Research) AgroSciences unit are partnering to develop the first-ever eight-gene stacked combination in corn, which will start adding to revenue by 2010.

    The seed offering will contain eight genes that protect the corn crop against above- and below-ground insects. It also will guard the crop from being damaged by some weed control chemicals.

    Monsanto intends to add its own proprietary drought tolerant trait to this offering by 2012.




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