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    Monday, June 02, 2008

    Antiwar activists clear Canadian border after 2 hours of questioning


    Whether or not U.S. antiwar activists are allowed into Canada was key to Sunday's Our Way Home Vancouver Peace Conference at Simon Fraser University's Harbour Centre.

    Wilson was part of a convoy on-hand to support two of the event's participants.

    The keynote speaker, retired U.S. colonel Ann Wright, who resigned from the State Department over the invasion of Iraq, and Medea Benjamin, another leading U.S. political activist, were not expected to make it across the border.

    Both were denied entry to Canada last year, with Canadian authorities claiming they are named on a FBI watch list due to misdemeanor convictions stemming from participation in antiwar demonstrations.

    But after more than two hours of Canadian questioning at the border crossing at Blaine, the pair arrived at the conference.

    NDP MP Libby Davies, who was part of a group of supporters who drove across the border in a van with Wright and Benjamin, said she sat through the questioning.



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