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    Tuesday, May 06, 2008

    US Policy, the privatization of Iraq's wealthy economy, Forcing Iraq to Import food

    Iraq has started to import vegetables for the first time in its modern history despite ample water, fertile land and a rich farming heritage stretching back to 6,000 years.

    "One of the main problems facing farmers in my area is the fuel for water pumps. Fuel in Iraq is very hard to get, and if you manage to get it, you would pay a fortune," Akram Abu Hussain, an Iraqi journalist from al-Latifiya, said.

    Al-Shammari adds that farming overheads has been steadily increasing.


    Shaima, who refused to disclose her last name when contacted over phone, said using imported vegeteables had not only strained the family budget but also affected their taste buds.

    "Everybody here misses our local fresh vegetables. I think it is about soil and quality of water, the vegetables we are getting from outside Iraq do not taste the same. My cooking is not like before because of that."

    Suad, 52, a retired teacher who again did not want to disclose her last name, bemoans the loss of a way of life: "Apart from their taste which is not anything like our local vegetables, imported vegetables are expensive."




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