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    Sunday, January 27, 2008

    Barack Obama Sucking off the Christian Right

    Although Constitutional law professor Barack Obama declined to defend the Constitution today on the floor of the Senate due to “scheduling conflicts”, he did take time out yesterday to sit down with the good folks at the Christian[ist] Broadcasting Network and send a mighty “Fuck you” to the loyal Democratic base by saying that if Democrats nominated Hillary instead of him, his supporters would take their balls and go home.

    Pre-emptive sour grapes? Quote:

    PROF. OBAMA: [After the nomination] I will get the people who voted for her. But will she get the people who voted for me?

    Well, of course she will! Because you’re going to personally urge them to, right, Professor? Not.

    Seriously, most of the progressive blogosphere—leaving aside the “they’re all the same” crowd—had a long sprawling conversation about what to do if our guy wasn’t nominated, and the consensus judgment is in my sig: Any Democrat in the general. So, that trickling sound I hear is America’s Favorite Baritone pissing all over the progressive blogosphere, its judgment, and its values. Yet again.

    Worse, I remember being given a serious lecture—kisses, Booman, you know I love you, but—after Obama won Iowa, about sour grapes. So, I’ll be expecting a post shortly on how Obama just issued a “Free Sour Grapes Card” to all his supporters.

    Even worse, Obama’s reinforcing the vicious and destructive (and profitable) right wing narrative of Hillary Hatred—just as the OFB already does. “Oh, she’s so divisive!”*




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