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    Tuesday, June 26, 2007


    Schneider was head of the Chilean military when Allende’s government won elections in 1970, and although opposed to Allende, he strictly opposed any military involvement in Chile’s political process, as was desired by many right wing groups. Schneider was killed in a botched abduction attempt in October, 1970, creating a somber atmosphere just days before Allende assumed power.
    Colby also told Ford in the meeting, “We have another rather dirty problem: after Congress investigated ITT, they said our testimony was not clean. I don’t think we did anything chargeable, but we did skirt the abyss on some cases. There’s an old rule that dictates those who protect their sources can bend the rules.”

    Colby was referring to the CIA hiding information about its financial support of leading anti-Allende forces during the 70s.

    The document has been kept secret since 1973 despite the leaking of information about domestic spying in a 1974 New York Times article by journalist Seymour Hersh. It includes information on espionage programs, interrogation techniques and assassination plots on enemies.

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